4166ML-SL-P2 & P4 Self-Leveling Paver Support Pedestals

Designed for use on sloping surfaces. Adjustable from 1.6" to 2.6" (41 to 66mm) - height extendable to 20" + with extensions

StrataRise Multi-Level 4166 Self-Leveling Pedestals will automatically compensate for slopes from 0° to 5° and are adjustable in height from 1.6" to 2.6" (41mm to 66mm). The adjustable height can be increased by using one or more of our QuickClick, bayonet fitting, extension pieces to achieve the required height range. The system can be extended to 20" (500mm) high, or more as required.

The multi-level self-leveling pedestals make it easy to achieve perfect flatness of the final floor, deck or paved area. The system is very easy to use and aids quick, precise and professional installation.

Each support is composed of a threaded self-leveling head section, with 4 tabs either 5/64" (2 mm) or 5/32" (4mm) in width for tile or paver spacing. The spacer tabs are individually removable to enable the supports to be used in areas where no separation is required, such as under the centers of large slabs, or on sides. 

Stratarise 4166 Self-Leveling Paver Pedestal

An easy to operate threaded adjustment ring makes raising or lowering the head really quick and precise. Height adjustments can be made without removing the paver or tile thus allowing for extremely easy and fast installation.

The large 200mm (8”) base plate provides stable support on most surfaces. Scribe marks are provided on the underside to assist in trimming for use at sides and corners of installations. An optional 3mm thick anti-slip, cushioning, rubber base ring is available for use on membranes, etc. This effectively reduces transmitted noise where pavers are mounted on balconies or roof areas.

We recommend the use of our optional acoustic cushioning ring for the support head area for tile and paver installations. These help to bed corners securely, prevent any rattling, and reduce transmitted noise through the support system.

4166ML self-levelling pedestal supports are tested to withstand loads of 1430lbs (650Kg) at their weakest setting, i.e. maximum height adjustment with just one thread engaged.

StrataRise Pedestals ... the professional's choice!

Technical Data

Stratarise 4166 Self Leveling Pedestals - Technical Data
Ref No. 4166ML-SL-P4-30 4166ML-SL-P4-10 4166ML-SL-P2-30 4166ML-SL-P2-10
Description Self-Levelling Support Pedestal for Tiles & Pavers
Height Adjustability 1.6" to 2.6" (41 to 66mm) - P2 = 5/64" / P4 = 5/32" Spacers
Pack Qty. 30 10 30 10
Pallet Pcs. 1200 900 1200 900

Suitable for laying over membranes and insulating panels

Thanks to the large support area of the pedestal bases the system can be installed on top of waterproofing membranes, rigid insulating panels and onto any solid, compact laying surface.

The circular shape of the base adapts well to the course of the laying surface, even when this is not perfectly regular. The base incorporates holes for the outflow of water and two head-cut lines to be used when laying the supports at perimeter edges or corners.

Available in two versions, this versatile pedestal support can be used with any type of self-supporting tile or paver.

Designed for the Professional

Designed for the professional, with industry leading specifications, our pedestals are fast and easy to work with, allowing precise adjustment without any need to lift off pavers or tiles to make adjustments. Bayonet fitting extenders enable easy customisation to any height. With just 4 components (pedestal plus 3 sizes of extenders) you have the complete system to suit all heights and nearly every application. Low profile versions are also available - see our 2442LP-SL range.

Stratarise Multi-Level Pedestal Height Extenders